Affordable Digital Music Promotion

Affordable Digital Music Promotion


How can you promote your music globally, increase traffic to social networks, & get people involved in your movement without unloading a bunch of cash?


BitTorrent is the most popular Peer-to-peer file sharing network in the world & has been estimated to collectively account for approximately 43% to 70% of all Internet traffic . This is a huge untouched resource to reach potential fans and customers for your merchandise, mp3′s, & general Swag.

BYOS offers a service which indexes  music to popular BitTorrent websites around the globe. We make sure your record is indexed on all of the most trafficked Torrent sites on the web, effectively saturating the net with your sounds. Enable potential new fans to download and share your music within a huge community which is 100 million users strong & growing. IF YOU DON’T ALLOW PEOPLE TO HEAR YOUR MUSIC IT DOESN’T EXIST!

Put SIMPLY: This is a service that can give your music momentum with downloads from a committed niche of music lovers world wide. For $5.

Upload some crazy good record or cover you have sitting in the vault, then sit back & we will do the rest.

(25 Mb upload limit)

(Make sure to include a genre, a little about you and the music, and add any relevant links people can use to find you on the web in the message area below)

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